Sport and fitness in the home office

Since 2020 at the latest, the home office has arrived in even the most traditional companies. We even say it is here to stay. Above all, fast internet connections, video conferencing solutions and co-working tools allow a smooth working day from anywhere. However, this great freedom also comes with a lot of responsibility. Especially when it comes to fitness, it is essential that you independently create a plan for sufficient exercise when working from home. We recommend…

Start your day with sport

For many of us who don't yet have a workout routine, it can be very difficult to start the day with exercise. We recommend taking it one step at a time. Even for very sporty people, there are days on which the weaker self is particularly unpleasant. Our recommendation is to at least find the motivation to roll out the yoga mat and give it a chance 😉 If you're looking for inspiration for morning workouts...

  • Free online workout sessions for which you don't need more than a yoga mat. An example of this is Lululemon's free online training on YouTube.
  • Fitness apps like Freeletics are definitely a sensible step up from free online training. Fitness apps primarily offer personalized training plans that motivate you not to let up.
  • If you want to combine exercise with a social component but are missing a workout buddy, take a look at . Eversports lets you book online workout sessions at local fitness centers.

Make your working day more active with a standing desk

Working from a standing desk doesn't burn too many calories, but it supports your metabolism through more exercise and also trains your postural muscles. We also recommend a chair that supports active sitting or other gadgets such as...

  • Balance boards for playful fitness at your desk
  • Exercise balls for active sitting

Make it a habit

It can be difficult, especially for home office heroes who are not involved in sports, to take the first step. We recommend baking small rolls at the beginning and setting your initial goals so that you can achieve them. Our tips for successfully establishing a routine are as follows…

  • Set achievable goals. Instead of aiming for a daily 5km run, consider starting by putting on your running shoes and heading out the door every day. The rest often happens on its own.
  • Commit to following the plan for a period of 21 days and then steadily increase your commitment.
  • Tell someone you know about your plan. If that's not enough - a small bet never hurts 😉

You can get the complete home office guide  Download it here for free or read it individually here:

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