Bene PIXEL Tower
Bene PIXEL Tower
Bene PIXEL Tower
Bene PIXEL Tower
Bene PIXEL Tower
Bene PIXEL Tower
Bene PIXEL Tower
Bene PIXEL Tower
Bene PIXEL Tower
Bene PIXEL Tower

Bene PIXEL Tower

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One tower, many possibilities!
The Bene PIXEL Tower is the perfect starter package. For small and large rooms, the possibilities seem almost endless. Create an auditorium, meeting room setup or simply a few sitting/standing workstations for your team!

We recommend that you get inspiration from our PIXEL configurations for your PIXEL project and would be happy to advise you personally! Send us an email to

BENE GmbH and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "Bene") provide a voluntary guarantee for the professional workmanship and functionality of products sold under the Bene brand. The guarantee period is 5 years for Bene PARCS® and Bene seating and upholstered furniture, and 10 years for all other furniture and walls.

Warranty services
A warranty claim exists if a defect can be proven to be due to material or manufacturing defects. We guarantee – at our own discretion and if economically reasonable – the repair or replacement of the goods (also with a comparable product). Bene's warranty does not suspend or interrupt the current warranty period; it does not start a new warranty period. Warranty claims of the original purchaser are not transferable. Travel, assembly and transport costs are not part of the warranty and are therefore not covered by Bene.

Start of guarantee
The warranty period begins upon conclusion of the purchase contract. The original purchaser has purchased Bene brand products either directly from Bene, from one of its subsidiaries or from an authorized Bene dealer.

Prerequisite for warranty
In order to be entitled to benefits under this guarantee, a written report of the damage must be submitted to Bene immediately after damage occurs - including the invoice and a specific description (e.g. photo with text) of the damage. A report of damage is deemed to have been submitted on time if it is delivered to Bene within the guarantee period and is addressed to the location stated on the invoice. If the location no longer exists, the guarantee claim must be addressed to the Bene GmbH headquarters.

Warranty Limitations and Exclusions
For electrical and electromechanical components, media components, monitors, outdoor furniture as well as wearing parts and moving components (e.g. PIXEL), the statutory warranty period applies exclusively. For electrical and electromechanical components used in the LEVEL platform, the warranty period is 5 years. The warranty does not apply to the failure or defect of a Bene product due to:

  • Self-inflicted damage
  • Damage due to force majeure
  • Improper handling, improper use (such as outdoor use, moisture, temperature fluctuations, etc.) or non-compliance with the Bene operating and care instructions
  • Broken glass, consumer goods, wearing parts (e.g. lamps, batteries)
  • Damage caused by maintenance or repair work carried out by non-Bene authorized personnel
  • Defects or damages that arise due to a customer request for changes to the product
  • Improper transport or assembly
  • Normal wear and tear e.g. colour fastness (fading of surfaces due to UV radiation etc.), gas springs, rollers, and cover and surface materials (creases, etc.)
  • Materials provided by the client or customer
  • Use of more than 40 hours per week; up to 80 hours/week the warranty period is reduced to 30 months, up to 120 hours/week the warranty period is reduced to 20 months, continuous operation to 12 months

Bene reserves the right to request the return of damaged warranty products before exchanging them. Bene is liable under this guarantee only for the costs directly incurred to rectify the faults to the extent described here and not for direct or indirect consequential damages or legal costs.

Other provisions
If Bene refuses to provide a guarantee, the customer's claims under this guarantee expire within 6 months of receipt of the rejection notice from Bene. This guarantee serves as the sole legal remedy against Bene, excluding any other guarantees that may be granted by the authorized Bene dealer. The guarantee is also excluded if the customer makes a claim against a Bene subsidiary or an authorized Bene dealer on the basis of a statutory or contractual warranty. This guarantee condition is valid from January 1, 2023, until revoked.

With the Bene Pixel Tower your possibilities are unlimited

PIXEL Tower configuration
Gather your team

PIXEL is not furniture. PIXEL is a flexible building block to display functions in space for everyone. A bar table for the workshop, a work table for students, a shelf for the shop, a counter for the party. Anything is possible, with inspiration and improvisation. That's exactly what PIXEL was created for - an all-purpose tool in times of constant change.

Flexible meetings

PIXEL, the flexible building block from Bene, was voted “#1 office product 2018” by the renowned trade magazine “Das Büro”. This year, the editorial team of the renowned specialist magazine once again selected the 100 from more than 1,000 office solutions that are particularly recommended for office work in a narrower and broader sense. In this competitive environment, PIXEL was chosen as the winning project and thus the “#1 office product of 2018”. The editorial team's ranking was carried out independently and across sectors and categories.

PIXEL TOWER configuration
Structure for your space

Innovations arise where you have the freedom to think playfully. Space must first be created for this in everyday business life - both culturally and spatially. PIXEL opens up new dimensions in team collaboration. Zones in the company that promote vital group dynamics and offer creative scope are becoming an elementary topic. The facility must be able to cope with a lot, be flexible and as unpretentious as the team itself. That's what PIXELS are for.

PIXEL Tower configuration

Endless possibilities

The Bene PIXEL transforms your office. Talk to us and we will be happy to tell you more!

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