Successful and relaxed in the home office

Who doesn't know the much infamous work-life balance. For many, it has never been as difficult to separate work from private life as it was in 2020. Although opinions on working from home are divided, many employers and, above all, employees agree that home offices will continue to be used more frequently in the future.

After intensive discussion of the topic, we would like to share our top tips with you. Here you will learn how you can separate your working day in the home office from your free time in a relaxed and successful manner.

Find a positive routine to start your day

First of all, how not to do it: emails, social media or messages. The first minutes of each day are your personal first impression of that day. Emails, social media and messages shouldn't dictate whether you start with positive or (mostly) negative news. A personal morning ritual can be versatile and, above all, should give you a positive start to the day. The following morning rituals work for us, maybe there is something for you too 🌱

  • A walk in the morning air. Whether city or country, we feel the morning air exudes a very special scent that gives us positive energy for the day!
  • A meditation session. If you've never tried it before, we can recommend the app Headspace .
  • A few pages in your favorite book or magazine can also be a good morning ritual.

You will probably only find out which ritual is right for you if you try it. We believe that a successful morning routine brings stability to even the most turbulent working day and doesn't cost you more than 15 minutes - an absolutely great investment of your time.

Timetables don't just help students

A great advantage of working from home is the elimination of the commute. Whether it's traffic jams or busy public transport, commuting is probably not the most pleasant activity. In 2018, employees in Germany needed an average of 44 minutes to work, i.e. around 1 ½ hours a day.

It can therefore be assumed that by working from home you save yourself around 1 ½ hours a day, i.e. 7 ½ hours a week (almost a whole working day!). Many people who switch to working from home cannot benefit from this time saving because they largely do not use the time and, above all, spend it working more. We recommend setting clear boundaries so that the time savings benefit you. This can work with a clear timetable.

  • Discipline in the evening for more freedom in the morning. Instead of consuming extensive social media in the evening, we recommend making sure you get enough sleep so that you can afford the luxury of 1-2 hours of free time in the morning.
  • Unconditionally block time in your calendar for your meals. Especially at lunchtime, it is important to defend this time with discipline.
  • Learn to end your working day on time and without compromise. Scheduled activities such as shopping, sports or a phone call with friends help. 

Create a physical separation between work and play

Try to create a dedicated workspace in your home for work and avoid spending your free time there. By consciously separating work and free time, create clear signals for your subconscious so that you can actually find relaxation when you are not working. Our recommendation is to avoid working from the kitchen table or sofa under any circumstances. Instead, we recommend a desk and an ergonomic office chair. This not only helps you work healthier and more productively, but also helps you clearly separate work and free time.

You can get the complete home office guide  Download it here for free or read it individually here:

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