The home office package is finally here! You can find out how you can save up to €300 when buying ergonomic furniture in the article

It took a long time - on February 24th, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance approved the long-awaited home office package.

The Austrian Finance Minister announced in a press release: “With the home office package approved today in the National Council, we are supporting employers and employees with home offices at all levels. Regardless of whether employees receive a subsidy from their employer or are provided with digital work equipment - we provide relief."

Even though we would have liked this security for employers and, above all, employees earlier, we are of course very pleased that the Austrian government also wants to support healthier working from home.

If you work from home for more than 26 days in 2021, you can...

Deduct up to 300 euros for ergonomically suitable furniture such as swivel chairs, desks or lighting with the corresponding proof of invoice for the employee assessment.

frequently asked Questions

What is meant by apartment in the context of “home office”?

The home office regulation not only covers the employee's private home (main residence, secondary residence), but also the home of the life partner and close relatives if the employee works from home there.

Do I have to document the number of days I work from home myself?

The employer must indicate the home office working days in the payslip. He must indicate the number of home office days in the payroll account and in the payslip (L 16) (from 2021).

What is considered a home office day?

Only those days on which the professional activity is carried out exclusively in the home are considered home office days. For example, if you only work half the day at home and then go to the office or on a business trip, this is not a home office day.

Click here for the full article from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance

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