Your contribution to St.Anna children's cancer research!

Unfortunately, the challenges that 2020 brought with it were not too few. It is all the more important that we don't forget about our fellow human beings - especially the little ones!

The St.Anna Children's Cancer Research is dedicated to the research and treatment of cancer in children. The mission couldn't be more ambitious : "No child should have to die of cancer anymore" - we think that's great!

The importance of the St.Anna team's research is shown by the fact that around 30 years ago the mortality rate for cancer in children was 50%. Thanks to great research and improved treatment options, this has now been reduced to 20-10%. The basis for these great results is primarily the research of committed institutions.

Only if we recognize the individual changes in a patient's tumor cells can therapies be tailored and be successful in the long term!

And this is exactly where we as a company would like to support St.Anna children's cancer research together with our customers. We donate 5% of our sales to this to research as a contribution to the procurement of a flow cytometer. This device helps with precise diagnosis and thereby contributes to improvements in tailor-made therapies!

StAnna Childhood Cancer Research

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